What is Pass DAO ?


Pass DAO is a distributed autonomous organization created to serve delivery services. By serving any delivery service wishing to share work and economic values inside a growing network, we can create a Global Distributed Delivery System of Objects with important challenges for the globalization (reducing frontiers with rural regions) or the environment of our planet (monetizing empty planes or cars driving around the planet).

Note: The DAO is not in charge of transferring objects but a global financial organization paying contractors, which serve responsible delivery services.


The DAO shareholders Community


The DAO shareholders form a distributed global Community of persons who funded the DAO. The organization belongs to its shareholders who decide together the future of the Organization: the services to develop, its contractors and how it works. All the decisions regarding the organization are taken by the Community with voting procedures called committees and managed by the DAO distributed application (DAPP). 


Flow Diagram 


During the development phase, the organization pays contractors for project management, marketing and communication. PASS reputation tokens are rewarded to the shareholders of the organization. During this phase, Pass DAO will not collect and share any revenue from his contractors. On the other side, in case of success of the promoted services, the price of shares and tokens (which will be sold to customers when launching a service) should raise. 

During the exploitation phase, the delivery services and public postboxes buy from shareholders reputation tokens that are used as deposit by the application. And they pay fee to the organization for technical assistance, mediation and arbitration service with users or electronic devices if supplied by a DAO contractor.


The next diagram shows the flows between all actors during the development phase and during the exploitation phase. All the transactions are stored in the Blockchain. In this way, it is easy to calculate the profit of the couriers or central postboxes services.


The DAO distributed application (DAPP)


All the decisions regarding the organization are taken by the Community with voting procedures called committees and managed by the distributed application.

Anyone can submit a proposal. The only condition is to pay committee fee over a minimum, when submitting the proposal. This fee will be rewarded to voters depending on their share in the DAO. If the proposal is estimated (and not necessarily approved), the creator of the proposal receives shares with an amount equal to the minimum committee fee.

The shareholders should vote on contractor proposals, as it is the only way to receive their part of committee fee.Prepayments to the contractors are done gradually. For each step, the shareholders decide by voting to continue or to stop ordering the work described in the contractor proposal.