Why ?

To set up and revise the user and courier mobile applications without any end date

By creating a DAO (Distributed Autonomous Organization) on the Blockchain for the project, we create a system for a Community that will live and grow without any possibility of downtime, censorship, fraud or third party interference. DAO shareholders will be able to get reputation tokens during the project stage. 

To manage the project of the creation of a Peer-to-peer C2C transportation system of objects

Everyone can be a member of the Community participating in the crowdfunding, which will allow starting the project. First, the Community needs a Project Management and IT team to set up the application for our new DAO. Our team proposes to do this work step by step. We will be motivated to do a good job for a fair price. Unless, the DAO can decide to stop contracting with us.

To contract with the best specialists offering to help developing a global system

The DAO Community can organize a new funding and chooses its contractors. The application will be global but some tasks can be better or cheaper when they are done locally (marketing, electronic devices ...). Every contractor can offer our DAO to sell products or to execute services. Every product or service, which could help developing the system and, consequently, increase the reputation tokens value will be interesting for DAO shareholders.

To serve a global Community of people who shares work and economic value

After launching the application, travelers wishing to use the system will buy reputation tokens from Dao shareholders and form a couriers Community. Everyone can be a member of this Community and all the couriers are autonomous travelers. In this way, the organization will serve a global and distributed couriers Community without any central authority and without any frontier.