Delivery smart contracts


A delivery smart contract is a contract in the Blockchain created by a user who wants to deliver a parcel and signed by a courier or a transporter who proposes to deliver it according to contractual terms defined in the smart contract.

Though at the present time users and couriers have no legal obligation because of the smart contract, these can foresee contractual terms in a flexible, trustless and automatic way.

For instance, the delivery contractual terms can foresee to reduce the return of deposit by 10% per day after a predefined date. The smart contract applies delivery rules with no need to go to court or make a complaint to an insurance company.  

The next scheme shows the delivery process in case of a simple delivery from a sender to a receiver via one courier. The sender does not need to make a prepayment and receiver can easily buy a specific local product from or to a remote region. In this last case, the courier buys and then delivers the item to the receiver.


The case of a parcel delivered by several couriers




The next scheme shows how we can transfer parcels in a Peer-To-Peer way (without any server or central organization) using the Blockchain for registering the smart contracts and the Blockchain events, and using the Internet of Things for tracking luggage or postboxes.

In this example, couriers A and B can belong to different delivery services.