Reputation tokens


Reputation tokens named PASS are tokens used as a currency for the payment of deposits by the couriers or public postboxes. The services buy on the market tokens that they use for the payment of deposits when taking parcels. Couriers will be able to transfer only packages with input price less than the reputation tokens they can lose in case of not or bad delivery. We can consider the PASS tokens as a license that delivery service buy in order to work. A developing service should buy tokens progressively as it grows and get reputation. 

The reputation tokens of the couriers involved in parcels transfer are updated according to their accurate. If the courier deliver packages in good condition and on time, he will receive back all the deposit he paid when taking packages. Otherwise, he may lose it in accordance with the delivery conditions established and signed in the delivery smart contract. The deflation rate per minute or day can be set in the delivery smart contract and automatically applied when calculating the net deposit during the handover of the parcel. We can also apply a deflation rate linked to data from sensors as the temperature for fresh products or the acceleration for fragile items.

With the volume of tokens held, the amount of tokens used over a period and the amount of tokens lost, it is possible to evaluate the size, the turnover and the reliability of a delivery service. To this, we can add the appreciation given by the users of the service. The set allows new users to know among other things if the delivery service is reputed or not.